[SkyPeople] Big 3 News — <Five Stars>, Token Swap, DC shutdown

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Hello, this is CM Sean from SkyPeople.

SkyPeople had a successful reveal of <Five Stars> as a First time in UDC 2019 (Upbit Developer Conference) in September 4th ~ 5th held at Grand Hyatt Incheon, receiving a lot of positive feedback.

Along with First reveal, I have brought a Special News here!

- <Five Stars> First Reveal
- DC Token Swap
- Dragon Castle Shutdown

I know these News may sound “What the..” or “Wow?!”.

Details is provided below so let’s take a look!

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<Five Stars> First Reveal

SkyPeople’s First Blockchain Game <Five Stars> has been revealed in UDC 2019.

Here are the pictures of SkyPeople booth and Blockchain Team!

In Sep 5th, SkyPeople presented a First Reveal of <Five Stars> and so many people showed a lot of interest and inquiry during the session.

We also distributed the goods to people who showed the interest for <Five Stars>. (All goods were out of stock!)

Many People gave us a compliment made us feel so confident! XD

Here I’m providing a Game Teaser and Music video!

[FiveStars] Game Teaser

[FiveStars] Music Video

DC Token Swap

Some of you may figured out above what token would be swapped into.
Yes! In <Five Stars>, MNR (Mineral) token will be used instead of DC token!

Mineral Homepage :

There is no need to surprise because it is not DC to use in the game.

In order to list the token in the Exchange, the character of “Gambling” must be eliminated.

“Gambling token listing deny” Reference :


Therefore SkyPeople decide to issue the New official token MNR(Mineral).
To give a benefit to the people who earned DC from playing Dragon Castle, SkyPeople decided to swap DC to MNR 1:10 ratio proportion to total supply.

DC Supply : MNR Supply (1,000,000,000 : 10,000,000,000)

1 DC : 10 MNR

Reason why we decided to swap in this ratio is to show our gratitude for people who enjoyed playing Dragon Castle.

In addition to that, we are preparing MNR to be listed in 2019 Q4.

[Short Q/A]

Q : When will this DC / MNR swap happening?

A : Swap will be done before/after the <Five Stars> Launch.

Dragon Castle Shutdown

Good News come with Bad News also..

Dragon Castle that is launched in 2018 April will be shutdown in 2019 September 30th UTC 06:00.

DC mining is available until the shutdown, and the server will be closed afterall. Also DC token will be delisted from DEX as the shutdown goes.

I personally spent so much time making Dragon Castle and it makes me feel sad to announce the shutdown notice. ;)

Reason why SkyPeople decided to shutdown is that DC have a clear limit as it has been used in gambling and to be used broadly, it has to be changed.

To raise the token value is to provide more usages as MNR will be used in <Five Stars>

**Notice : In Sep 30th, DC will be delisted from DEX, and DC won’t be able to achieve in any possible way.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Today’s post have shown the big path of SkyPeople.

We try to keep up with the trend of quick changing blockchain market and it will shine like the sun afterward!

I will come back with more impact next time.

Thank you!

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