[SkyPeople] Blockchain <Mineral Hub> Testnet launches & Business progress report

Hello, this is SkyPeople and I’m CM Sean!

Firstly, we would like to release the first look of our blockchain we are developing!
This release version of testnet is the essential structure for Mineral Hub.
Here is the detail :

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1. Mineral Hub : Easy access, fast blockchain business maker

Mineral Hub is the infrastructure providing platform to build a Blockchain based services fast and easy for companies willing to join the Blockchain field. Mineral Hub supports following developments :

● DPoS(Delegated Proof-of-Stake) consensus protocol (fast process speed) is based
● Anybody can easily build their own Blockchain system in short time.
● Build own Private or Public Blockchain depending on service application
● Independent network structure that secures the speed and safety
● Blockchain usage expansion through technical assistance and certification

2. Testnet Information

● Mineral Hub GitHub (Link : https://github.com/mineralhub/mineral)
● Explorer Frontend (Link : https://github.com/mineralhub/mineral-frontend)
● Explorer Backend (Link : https://github.com/mineralhub/mineral-explorer)
● Telegram-GLOBAL (Link : https://t.me/MineralHubGLOBAL)
● Telegram-KOREA (Link : https://t.me/MineralHubKOR)

3. Mineral, Mineral Hub token created in TRON

Reason why we choose to create two different tokens is that these tokens will be exchanged with our coin.

Mineral : https://tronscan.org/#/token/Mineral/TGj1Ej1qRzL9feLTLhjwgxXF4Ct6GTWg2U

MineralHub : https://tronscan.org/#/token/MineralHub/TFXtRPNqqJwTSFpMt6J6VX5EysANkfrwx8

※ Warning ※
1. Generated Tokens will not be used until we make an announcement!
2. Scam token can be created with different alphabet Upper/Lower case. Watch out for fake tokens!

4. Current SkyPeople Status

As the direction of our blockchain is evolved as a ‘Platform service’ to make an actual usage through the development, the original schedule has been adjusted.

● Development progress can be checked anytime in the Github.
● If there is any big update, we will make sure to give a notice with an announcement.
● Details about the Roadmap, ICO plan will be announced when the business plan gets to be clear.

5. Signed MOU with NHN Entertainment

In November 15th, SkyPeople signed the MOU with NHN Entertainment. It is cooperation for technical support, infrastructure, and the blockchain development. Here is the Korean article link listed below :


6. Telegram Game Festival — TGF Coming Soon!

Coming December, <TGF> will be opened to everyone for celebration of testnet release!
Various genre of games are chosen! Not only 1st place gets the reward, but also tricky rewarding system will be there.
Enjoy the Game! Get the TRX Reward! Join the TGF! Booyah!
Detail for the event will be announced next week!

7. G-Star 2018 SkyPeople participate

SkyPeople participated 2018 G-Star!
Many foreign publishers showed big interest to our game <Final Blade>
2018 G-Star runs from Thursday to Sunday. Let’s have it look!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Original plan was to focus on “Game” blockchain technology.
And we figured, what if we advance it to “Hub service” form? so that any field of business can easily applies this tech. So the developing the “Game” blockchain is going to be worked on progressively.

Unlike the other blockchain project ICO that seeks for fundraising,
we would like to take a step carefully with a certificate of testnet / Mainnet and technology improving. As our big picture gets evolved, the schedule is adjusted. Hoping for the understanding =)

Always truly appreciate for those who support and trust us.
We will try our best to reward back to you with visible results.

Thank you!

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