[Skypeople] Dev Note #7–2

Hello! This is Skypeople CM Grace :)

The 2nd CBT of five stars will soon start at 12:00! yeah!!!!
While waiting for the beta, you can read the dev note #7–1 to see the changes and improvements.

If you get a duplicate characters/pets(Anima),you can obtain a upper grade or same grade characters/pets by combining 4 characters of the same tier.

Highest grade characters/Anima which is legendary is only available through Character Combine.

From Equipment Collection, you can get a stat buff for certain job classes.

When you complete Equipment Collection you can get a stat buff for certain job classes.

Equipment used for collection will be consumed.

Character/Anima collection is also available and you can get a stat buff for certain job classes when you complete them.

Unlike Equipment collection, character/Anima collection will be complete if you just have required character/Pet and it won’t disappear.

The new system Anima is now available. Anima’s effect gets powerful as they have higher grades! Anima has at least one or maximum of four effects

There are four Dungeons in Five Stars: Ancient Ruins, Treasure Cave, Blood Dungeon, Tower of Trials.

In Dev note #6 I’ve only introduced you to the Tower of Trials. This time I’d like to give you the overview of all Dungeons

Ancient Ruins: This Dungeon has a daily entry limit. Every stage has a boss. You can get a random reward when you clear it.

Treasure Cave: This Dungeon has a daily entry limit. You can get Gold or rare items like crafting materials.

  • Every stage has one monster and you have to defeat it before hitting the PowerPoints limit.
    -You can get a reward each time you deal a certain amount of damage

Blood Dungeon: This Dungeon has a daily playtime limit. You can obtain high-tier items in this Dungeon

  • You can purchase buffs (ATK or Drop rate increase) to ‘fast-forward’ the Dungeon
  • From Level 2 you will need a key to enter it and the key will drop from the lower level.
  • Blood Dungeon has infinite waves and the dropped items will be rewarded by the end of each wave.

Tower of Trials: In this Tower you can check your skill and might.

  • Each floor has its own reward and as you progress, the enemy will get stronger.
  • Each floor has Restrictions. You must follow the Restrictions to enter the floor. A floor you’ve already cleared won’t give you any more reward.

Download link -> https://fivestars.skyload.org /

I hope you give us many love and interest in the 2nd CBT too.
I’ll see you guys in the game right now!! Bye!

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