[SkyPeople] Double node Survey Result

[SkyPeople] TRON SR double node Survey Report.

1. The purpose of the survey.

  • Agree : 55
  • Disagree : 48
  1. More reward promotes Troners to cast the vote.
  2. Practically, SR and Voters both can benefit.
  3. TRON Foundation does not object this matter. Then we have no reason to hesitate.
  4. TRON Foundation think the problem isn’t that big. Temporary node split will make an example problem, and later they can fix it.
  5. The reward for 127 candidates difference is very little and that is unfair to SR who is trying hard to keep the seat.
  6. Small candidates cannot reach to the top, so split is reasonable.
  7. In long-term perspective, SR competition will get hot, so monopoly through the node split won’t be much problem.
  8. Several SR already made a precedence of node split, and there is no objection to this situation. There is no reason to deny at this point. If number of SR increase, then SR should sum it all.
  9. 27 different SRs make the ecosystem with their ability takes way too long. Thinking of Split node is reasonable.
  10. To end the GR’s mission complete through the node split will make the value of TRON higher.
  11. Other top SRs have a high reward system, so node split is needed to increase the reward.
  12. More reward makes the more cost for SR to fulfill their commitment, so it is positive.
  13. SR competition can expect the higher TRON value. Node split is not about choice, it is required.
  1. Lack of SR diversity will occur. And the group of big SR will be formed and have a bad effect on decentralized TRON ecosystem.
  2. It is early stage of TRON. Hoping to choose the long-term solution, not the short way to see the benefit.
  3. TRON Foundation is watching the situation one step back for now. Eventually, it will be adjusted to 1 SR = 1 node.
  4. SR is responsible to affect the TRON ecosystem in a good way, not to give more reward back to voters.
  5. It will be very disappointed if node split causes SR not to qualify its requirements.
  6. We need various SR to make a Dapp and seek for TRON’s improvement.
  7. “Let me remind you TRON’s roadmap is a 10 years roadmap. Well, if we don’t have a common goal on the basic core things, then it looks is going to be a short bumpy road… or a long flat boring one. Please recap and go back to the origins, let’s give some space for new people with new ideas to join in.. There is plenty of space for 27 different SR with different ideas, teams, cultures, strengths and one common goal. TRON Foundation has already laid the tablecloth for this meeting. Let’s eat together.”
  8. Talking about temporary reward raise by node split is not correct.
  9. Node division may be beneficial to short-term investors, not for long-term investors.
  10. Talking about the node split is too early in this stage. It would be better to watch for a while.
  11. Try using the reward of tokens, not with TRX. It could be hard at first, but really hoping to give us the trust by running SR correctly.
  1. If TRON Foundation get into this situation, it won’t be decentralized.
  2. Big SRs should have more discussion and cooperate with TRON Foundation.
  3. SR with over one billion votes can have a temporary node split could be a good idea.
  4. SR requirements should be changed to just a top 27, not with 100 million votes.
  5. When the Mega-July event is over, voters will leave like ebb tide. Solution is necessary.
  6. SR should cooperate to promote other small candidates with help of DPOS system, so that the whale with bad intention cannot make any harm.
  7. Node split isn’t just the only problem. few SR’s grouping can be the problem too.
  8. SR is doing great job producing the block. Giving away the reward isn’t the part of SR responsibility.
  9. Value of TRON needs to raise in order to have various Dapps.
  10. Small candidates’ alliance needs to be created in order to make it to the top.
  11. Most of SR candidates are way too naive. They registered as a candidates and do nothing.
  12. Having a collaboration event with other SR can make a synergy.
  • Currently, we are preparing the website for the blockchain and the TRON SR information. Whitepaper and other information will be opened through this website. Development starts running in August, and will announce the opening date soon.



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