[Skypeople] Five Stars rating classification update

Hello! This is Skypeople CM Grace!

In the last posting (https://bit.ly/3aGwJV8) we mentioned that we will submit another version of the Five Stars, which includes blockchain elements, to the Korea Game Rating and Administration Committee (GRAC)

Today I brought you the update of the blockchain version of Five Stars’ rating classification with GRAC.

On 18 August 2020, GRAC notified to us that

“GRAC will postpone the rating review for the Five Stars for Klaytn (which is the title of blockchain ver Five Stars) to analyze and investigate laws and regulations related to blockchain technology which is applicable to Five Stars for Klaytn”

In short, they told us they need more time to understand and analyze what this new tech could do in the Korean game industry. The rating process of Five Stars for Klaytn is expected to resume in mid-September 2020. Skypeople will do our best to cooperate with the GRAC to pass the rating review.

The emergence of new technology always brought a disruption in society. However, as the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd industrial revolution proved, those new technologies and revolutions are what made the man take a step forward. Although many government officials are currently reluctant to accept the blockchain, we believe this new tech will be the cornerstone of the 4th industrial revolution and change not only the gaming industry but our overall lifestyle.

With this belief in the mind, we will carry on!💪💪💪💪

For now, Five Stars is taking a last respite to make a big step to the world. We cannot appreciate any more all the supporters rooting for the project and the team. I will come back with another exciting news soon.

CM Grace

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I will come back with more exciting and interesting news next time.
BTW don’t forget to bring your mask; COVID -19 situation is getting really serious these days. Until next time then! Bye!
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