[Skypeople] Kaikas now supports Mineral (MNR)

Hello! This is Skypeople CM Grace!

Today I brought you the update of Kaikas (Klaytn’s official chrome extension wallet).

Kaikas now officially supports Mineral(MNR)

Many of you have asked us when Kaikas will support Mineral(MNR).🤔

After the token swap, with the cooperation with Ground X, Mineral(MNR) became Kaikas’s officially supported token! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

Now you can manage your Mineral (MNR) on Kaikas by adding Mineral (MNR) from Add Token menu like the screenshot below.

Kaikas’s Add Token Menu

Also, I know that you guys are wondering when Klip (Klaytn’s official Kakao talk integrated crypto wallet) will list Mineral on the service.

The team is also working on that with Ground X and we’ve been arranging the schedule. As we noticed in the last article, Klip’s Mineral (MNR) support will be coordinated with the release of Five Stars.

If you have managed your Mineral (MNR) in Kaikas already, you have to delete the Mineral from the “Added Token” menu and add Mineral (MNR) again in the “Add Token” menu. Once it’s done, Kaikas will show the swapped Mineral (MNR) on the screen.

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This is the end of today’s post!
I will come back with more exciting and interesting news next time.
BTW don’t forget to bring your mask; COVID -19 situation is getting really serious these days. Until next time then! Bye!
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