[Skypeople] Mineral (MNR) release schedule

Hello! This is Skypeople CM Grace!

Today I brought you the token release/distribution plan of Mineral which many of you have been asking for.

  • The table above is the token release plan for the Mineral
  • The token is allocated for Marketing, DC Swap, Private Sales, Tron SR Supporters, Partners, Foundation/company, R&D, MNR Ecosystem, and Reserve. Unlockable amounts for each unlock event is even.
  • 1 month = 30days in the above table.
2020~2021 Quarterly unlockable amount
2022~2023 Quarterly unlockable amount
2024 Quarterly unlockable amount

The table above displays the accumulated unlockable mineral for each quarter for each allocation and total.

As we said in the last posting, all the token lock-up is controlled by Smart-contract; thus, it is impossible to move the token before the unlock date.

In addition, all the amounts displayed above is based on the hypothesis that all the counterparties will unlock all the unlockable token right after the end of each lock-up period. The purpose of the table is to state that the circulating amount won’t exceed the numbers above for a certain timeline.

That means the actual circulating amount could be smaller than the table above.

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This is the end of today’s post!
I will come back with more exciting and interesting news next time.
BTW don’t forget to bring your mask; COVID -19 situation is getting really serious these days. Until next time then! Bye!
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