[Skypeople] September Dev Note

Hello! this is Skypeople CM Grace!

Five Stars (Korea version)will officially launch on September 23 and I’m here today to give you guys the sneak peek of how the game has been changed since the final beta in Korea.

[New Enhanced-Weapon Effect]

Until now, enhanced weapons had its own wave-shaped glowing effects.

However many players told us that during a battle it is not that noticeable (because of dynamic character movement).

Now, with the new glow effect I’m sure you can see it even from the 100miles away (ノ´ з `)

I see you glowing!

[Shop UI and icons]

We improved the image of goods in the shop.

As a wise man once said… “now it got looks that kill!”

[trading system update]

Many beta testers called for a better system for the settlement of auctioned items; thus we added a delay period for each settlement so that we can make sure that each trade is processed safely

[Change of Star Blessing]

Now Star Blessing changed its name into Solen’s Blessing.

Many beta testers said the name is confusing so we made a transition for more intuitive naming. ๑’ٮ’๑

[Premium Currency Name Change]

Now the Stars changed its name into Diamonds

Main Lobby screen with Diamonds!

Many beta testers said the name “Stars” is not fitting with the overall atmosphere of the game so we changed it into Diamonds

What do you think of the changes we made based on the final beta players' feedback?

I know that the Global users have to wait until the launch of the global version and I also cannot wait for the day we can meet again.


The team is working around the clock for the global version and I will keep you updated for you guys until the global launch so please stay tuned!

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This is the end of today’s post!

I will come back with more exciting and interesting news next time.
BTW don’t forget to bring your mask; Covid -19 situation is getting really serious these days.

Until next time then! Bye!
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