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Hello! This is SkyPeople and I’m CM Sean!

Winter is coming ahead reminding me of Hot cocoa & Marshmallow.
Hope SkyPeople Supporters not to catch a cold!

Today, I am going to post about SkyPeople news and progress along with Proposal that has been discussed by SRs.

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1. SkyPeople recording 1st place of TRON Block produced

We are renewing the record of 1st place TRON Block produced now. Special thanks to all supporters!

We will do our best to keep up with SR responsibilities!

2. Watch out for skypeople scam token, e-mail fraud!

Last week, person who issued ‘skypeople’ token have contacted me and said
“Do your guys want to create a exchange about Skypeople and TRX? if you have a interest about this, I will send 70% of the tokens to your address.”
As we did not reply to that, two days later we received another said
“I think now is the best time to create exchange on tron network. let us cooperate. I have airdropped Skypeople to lots of people. it is a good chance.”
By using the “us” and the e-mail forwarding address displayed a Chinese, we think it is Chinese organization or group, but it is hard to find out details.

SkyPeople only issued two TRON Tokens : Mineral, MineralHub

There can be a different name like MineraL, MineralHUB, or MineralHuB.
Other capital letter or spelling has nothing to do with SkyPeople.
Please make sure to watch out for Scam tokens.

Here is the Two SkyPeople issued tokens below :

Mineral : https://tronscan.org/#/token/Mineral/TGj1Ej1qRzL9feLTLhjwgxXF4Ct6GTWg2U

MineralHub: https://tronscan.org/#/token/MineralHub/TFXtRPNqqJwTSFpMt6J6VX5EysANkfrwx8

This is the E-mail I received below : (Watch out for Scam token!)

3. TRON Node test running began in NHN Toast Cloud, will be exported within next week.

After the MOU with NHN Entertainment, SkyPeople has begun to run the TRON Node test in NHN Toast Cloud. If there is no big issue, transferring will be done by next week.

4. Energy price lowering Proposal approved

In last week, there has been proposal to adjust the price of Energy which is used for Dapp developer.

TRONBET has started this proposal. Reason is that Energy price is high enough that new Dapp developers could face the difficulty. Once the energy limit surpasses, the budget comes big to developers. As TRONBET wrote an official letter to TRON Foundation, SRs went through the discussions and agreed to have a proposal.

In this Monday November 19th, result was 22/27 good enough to pass the proposal. Now the Energy price is adjusted as 1/5 of its’ original price
(1 Energy = 100 SUN -> 20 SUN).

* 1 TRX = 1,000,000 SUN

5. 127 SR Candidates reward increase Proposal discussion

After the last Odyssey 3.0 update, it was to be told that 127 SRC reward has increased from 16 TRX to 32 TRX and it is ‘completed’. Reward also increased a bit but it was founded that it came from the GR remove.

We’ve asked TRON found out that the reward increase case also be proceeded like the other proposal does. SRs have discussed about this matter also.
Some agreed to increase the reward, others disagreed because the current TRX price is low and if there are more supply, it won’t affect any good.

For now, this proposal won’t be proceeded, and if there is any issue about this proposal, we will give a notice.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

SRs dicussing about the proposals and their own thinking is the uniqueness of TRON DPOS system. And I think it is perfect environment to grow the ecosystem.

Of course the discussion is running with English, so my eyes cannot have a nap time!

We do not know what’s out there waiting for us since it is just the beginning stage of Dapp phase. Because it is growing stage, SkyPeople is so busy and I’m enjoying this heat!
To bring a good news, we work hard all nightie!

I will be back with exciting event news soon!

Over and out! This was CM Sean!

Thank you!

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